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린드필드 네트볼 클럽

~이다  관련된

~이다  관련된

This is an online shop staffed by our volunteers working around their family commitments. 

Uniform Collection times

Uniforms will be available for collection on Wednesday evenings at Lofberg Road between 6pm - 7pm during the season, unless otherwise notified.

Returns and exchanges

Unworn items may be returned or exchanged by arrangement.  There may be a delay in exchanges due to this being an online platform staffed by volunteers fitting orders around their own family commitments


Please use the sizing guides in the item photos to measure your player, or use their favourite athletic singlet or tshirt before placing your order ensure a close fit.  We also encourage you to ask a team mate to try on their uniform if they are similar size, and use that as your guide.  We are unable to guess your players size based off age, height or weight.

Second Hand Uniforms

Looking for a second hand Lindfield Netball Club uniform or hoodie? Visit the Lindfield Netball Second Hand Uniforms Group to connect with other members. Please ensure any items purchased say "LINDFIELD" on the side of the dress, as LINDEM uniforms can no longer be worn on the court for any age group.

Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, 
Rose, Shriaz

Give as gifts or keep to drink
12 bottles won't last long!

Have you ordered your personalised wine yet?

Thanks to the expertise of Tom's Cellars, we have a fantastic selection of fundraising wine that can be delivered to your door! 

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차세대 넷볼러를 성장시키고 놀라운 넷볼 커뮤니티의 일원이 되십시오.

우리  인정하고 지불  우리가 네트볼을 하는 지역의 모든 전통적 관리인을 존중합니다. 우리는 과거, 현재, 그리고 신흥 장로들에게 경의를 표합니다.

우리는 이 나라에 대한 그들의 지속적인 문화적, 영적 연결을 존중하고 모든 지역 사회에서 문화의 역할과 가치를 인식하기 위해 정중하게 일할 것을 약속합니다.

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